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silvercsarina's Journal

26 February
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Hello and welcome to my page! I'm Zhara!

I'm 20, female (obviously), and I'm obsessed with history. I want to be a historian (which is REALLY NERDY) but I don't care. I love anime and video games and I spend WAAYYY too much time on them. I draw, sing, and sew. Lolita especially, I really love it. My favourite brands are BTSSB and Meta. I love reading as well. My favorite authors are Barbara Kyle and Oscar Wilde.

I love travelling and I would love to see the world, especially France and Japan. I'd love to go back to my 'homeland' someday too. (Since people are asking: My mother is Ukrainian, my father Russian. We moved to Canada when I was 5!)

This journal is 1/2 open to public and 1/2 friends only! Just add me and play nice and I'll probably add you back! <3